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Terschelling! Pearl of the Wadden Sea

Submitted by mag on Mon, 07/30/2018 - 12:09

A 2 hour ferry ride took us to the spectacular and historic island of Terschelling. A 15 miles long island with hundreds of bike trails - paved or crushed stone to some of the widest, whitest beaches in the world, quaint fishing towns, lovely quiet forests,  and a long and fascinating  history including some of the best preserved relics of the German occupation.     Tershelling is such an amazing place it's going to take a few posts to cover the scenery and the history.  

"The Wadden Sea is is the largest tidal flats area in the world. In the shallow waters of the Wadden Sea there are approximately fifty islands along the coast of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The first islands are the five Dutch Wadden Islands and they are all “pearls in the sea”, each with its own atmosphere and character."

Terschelling is reached by a 2 hour ferry ride that departs from the seafaring town of Harlingen.  The entire area is loaded with classic Dutch ships with their characteristic lee boards and complicated gaff rigging, that are in active use for fishing, transport and excursions.  Crowds of kids on bikes boarded the ferry for camping on the Island.   

We stayed at Hotel B&B Altijd Wad  (roughly translates to the Eternal Tide)  - an unimposing looking building from the outside but warm & friendly inside with a lovely courtyard for our bikes and only a few steps from the town square.  The owner Mieke is a world traveler who speaks perfect English and provides an abundant breakfast.