Sept 20  – 23 Holland Once More!

After our arduous adventure getting back to Holland (you know Mark Twain says “an adventure is something that, while it’s happening you wish it wasn’t”, and that was certainly the case on our return trip to Holland) we deserved down rest and downtime.  We had a leisurely bike ride to Gouda and then spent two wonderful days at a lakeshore cottage east of Gouda. From there we rode toward Utrecht to a lovely tiny secluded place on the edge of the Maxima Park.  We had some great dining experiences and spent some time exploring parts of Utrecht for a possible longer stay next year… but decided even at the edges it’s too big a city for our tasted. 

The day we had to move to our next stay and it was pouring all day long!  Ourt Fair-Weather Charm had finally played out and getting revenge.  So although it wasn’t a long distance it was a miserable cold wet ride. We spent an hour huddled under a highway bridge, but it showed no signs of letting up so we pedaled on. Luckily our wonderful host Nicolette let us in early… so when we arrived dripping, soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone, a wonderful warm place (complete with bike shed)  was ready for us to settle right in.  Within 15 minutes we had a large puddle of dripping gear, but  warm dry clothes and a hot cup of soup. 

This place on the lovely Vecht turned out to be perfect – very luxurious and spacious and (minor miracle!) a bathroom on the upper floor!  We  were lucky to stay 3 nights at this great place complete with dock on the Vecht River and conveniently located between two charming small towns.  We spent days enjoying our place on the river and exploring the wonderful towns of Maarssen and Breukelen (home of the original Brooklyn Bridge), enjoying great food including the memorable Same Same Thai Restaurant – the same same we enjoyed 4 years ago! We’ll probably find a way to eat there again next year.   This place tops the must-do list for 2024. 

Our little paradise on the Vecht

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