Sept 13 – 16 Beautiful Bruges

The route to Bruges was lovely farmland and then along a pretty canal, then going through towns that were important forts along the Dutch Waterline defense system that was in operation in various forms from the mid-1600s to the mid-1900s.

We were happy to finally reach “the Brewers House“ It was a little narrower than we expected.  There were 4 bedrooms, but only one had easy access to a bathroom.  The next biggest bedroom was in a separate building at the rear of the courtyard than included a game room, bath and large bedroom.  The kitchen and lounge area was very nice and we fixed some good meals there and sometimes served in the large courtyard. 

Bruges was beautiful and fun and perfect for sharing with friends…  it’s completely surrounded by a canal and a very high very wide levy with a beautiful treed bike trail around it. So it was easy to get to any part of the city from our place near the Kruispoort.  (red dot on image).  

We especially enjoyed relaxing in touring the Halve Maan ancient brewery now in 6th generation (home of my favorite  Bruges Zot (Bruge Fool or Jester ). To avoid the disruption of bottling and distribution in the heart of the old city, they constructed a 2.5 KM beer pipeline to the bottling plant.  There is also a great restaurant and comfortable lounge area.  I have a photo in the famous chair – and one from about a decade ago that I’ll find later.

You can only get fresh unfiltered Brugse Zot in the brewery, and it comes corked like champaign… so of course we had to celebrate the Brugse Fools on our last night in Bruge.

View from the top of Halve Maan (Half Moon) Brewery

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