Sept 10-12 South to Bruges

On Sept 10 Marina and crew headed home to Florida, and Maggie, Jim, Frank and Michael headed south to Bruges – mostly cycling with a train and ferry thrown in.   It was a good trip. 

The first couple of days was a lot of pedaling, with a nondescript hotel in the middle, but on the second day we arrive at the Water Tower Hotel in Dordrecht….   It was nothing like we imagines it, but special in its own way and very comfortable. 

In Dordrecht we explored the historic ships in the harbor, marvelled at the fearless window washes, and then hopped on a comfortable train to Vlissingen.  Once settled in our various B&Bs we treated ourselves to a very nice lunch – Frank and Michael found the energy to explore the beach.

The next morning we caught the ferry to to Breskens and then pedaled south to our 3-day stay at the Brewers House, just east of the Kruispoort City gate. 

Watertower Hotel in Dordrecht

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