Danube River in Austria

The Old Wanderer Windmill in Kampen - unexpected treasures!

Submitted by mag on Tue, 08/21/2018 - 03:50

We've stayed in some interesting places and experienced some charming towns, but our stay in the Windmill house in Kampen is our favorite!  Our hosts Ernst and Jannika gve us an enthusiastic  personalized tour of the windmill and produced a sumptuous breakfast.  The Windmill is called "the Old Wanderer" because it was moved to this location in 1952 after 150 years in downtown Kampen. It's still operational and we had bread from flour ground at the mill. The lighted windmill below is the view at dawn from our room. 

The town of Kampen was an unexpected treasure.  Right on the shore of the beautiful IJssel River with its constant parade of huge commercial traffic and small pleasure craft. Actually the IJssel is now IJsselmeer - part of the huge protected, level-controlled lake and canal system created when the ZuiderZee was closed off in 1930s.  Kampen boasts a huge walking zone, welcoming town square and  hundreds of elaborate beautifully preserved ancient buildings some dating from the glory years of the Hanseatic League when Kampen was a major port on the route to Zwolle - 4 beautiful gates and over 500 monuments.   

We enjoyed the house, hospitality and town so much we hope to return next year.  The  photos tell the story.