Old Friends at the Farm

Blairmore Farm west of Perth

We met up with our British friends at a remote spot called Blairmore Farm. We all worked together in 1978-81 in Munich for Computer Sciences International Deutschland. It was a magical time full of beer gardens, cycling areound Munich and nearby lakes, weekend trips to Venice or other places, and plenty of skiing in the Alps and sledding in the park near our homes in Schwabing. We do our best to meet up in interesting places every few years.

This visit was really special – luxury accomodation, great friends, great views and scenery, great food and whisky, fastinating history. A unique stop was to the Glenturret Dsitillery for a tour and some sampling. We are now official single malt scothch drinkers. Money is no object.

We covered a lot of ground with Ann doing all the driving and David doing the navigating, so it was a real holiday from the stress of driving a 5-on-the-floor, steering on the right, keeping to the left for us! The three days at Blairmore Farm sped by too quickly.


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