New Bikes, New Day

Candy Apple Reds

A perfect day in paradise.  Bus 73 to Wijkerbaan in Beverwijk, and short walk to our local bike shop at Bike Totaal – Wijkerbaan 27. Ernst was there to greet us with two shiny candy apple red bikes all polished up and raring to go!  We added a few extras – Dutch frame locks with chains of course. Bike thievery is a national sport around these parts so best to be prepared. After the traditional photo with Ernst we  were off on our new trusty steeds. Ernst will store them for us over the winter so they’ll be all ready for us for more adventures in 2024.

The bikes are perfect – Class 1’s (hard to find in the U.S. but common here) comfortable, very smooth, stable and quiet.  Bigger tires.  A short ride to the ferry and then a scenic ride along the beautiful wooded dunes of  Naational Park Zuid- Kennemerland.  A lunch stop at our favorite outdoor restaurant Bartje Bloemendaal. So good to be back after 4 long years!  The new bikes feel right at home nestled next to our dining table. 

After a rest we wandered downtown, revisiting some old favorite spots, reminiscing about all the different places we’re stayed and visited, and the friends and family who have joined us in “our town” in the six summers we’ve stayed here. The light was perfect and there were lots of people out taking advantage of the nice weather.  They didn’t mind at all dining outside in 60 degrees.  We looked for a spot by a cozy fireplace but they were all taken.  The festival in the Grote Markt was VERY popular  with eager young Dutch enjoying the good (i.e. not raining) weather. The Dutch are some of the tallest people in the world due to healthy lifestyles and all the tallest ones  seemed to be gathered here for the festival, so it was a little hard for us to see over their shoulders. It was too busy to enjoy waiting in line for a glass of wine, so we wandered back home for wine and a nice dinner of leftovers.  Perfect day all around. 

Traditional photo with Ernst at our local bike shop in Beverwijk

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