Aviemore and the Cairngorms

Scottish Highlands

Aviemore is the recreation capital of the Highlands with all kinds of cycling, hiking and water sports. We spent 3 wonderful cycling days  and were blessed with only getting rained on once!  We hadn’t planned ahead so had to hop to 3 different stays but each was special in its own way and it worked out perfectly.

We cycled up the Old Logging Way to Loch Morich, and then on another day to Loch An Eilein with its island ruins of the clan castle.  The clans we territorial and warlike – even against each other, Pictish and Norse Vikings. Every clan had to live in fortified enclosures.  There’s so much history here and so much to learn and understand. 

On the third night we moved to a nearby town of Boat of Garten and had a lovely garden room. We took our bikes on the old Strathspey Railway back in to Aviemore for dinner which turned out to be a serendipitous experience. The train ride was so much fun, the dinner was great, and the evening ride back through the “popping heather” was one of the (Jim says THE) most beautiful and pleasant rides ever.

The Flying Scotsman – take your bike to Aviemore

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