Avoiding the Tour de France

The hardest part of posting about our idyllic, too short, two night stay in Annecy is picking the photos!  We stumbled on Annecy quite by accident just picking what looked like a nice place on the map (how did we ever travel before Google?) and booking what looked like a good bikable location at the apartment hotel Villa due Port.  Then later Willy and Gert and their friends Yvonne and Pieke told us Annecy was a wonderful place and we should try to stay longer, so we booked a second night – we were lucky to get the same hotel but had to move to a different room – and they had no more rooms for the next night because the 12th marks the beginning of the French holidays.

We had no idea HOW magical a place it really is until we finally arrived in the late afternoon of July 11 – after a very long drive from Willy and Gert’s Provence Paradise – we were tired but immediately felt the pull of the lake and went for a walk along the lakeshore and a beer. 

Annecy, FR
Annecy, FR

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