Bike Europe on your own

Over the course of 5 summers, Maggie and Jim traveled by bike across the most interesting and bikeable areas of Europe. Each trip lasted between 2 and 3 months during the summer/fall season. Trips always stared and ended in Haarlem, a city just east of Amsterdam, where we found all of the needed amenities without the hassles of a big city.

For each trip we planned the area of Europe to visit but the day to day activities were planned no more that one or two days in advance – this was not a tour, it was to be an adventure. We found a bike shop near Haarlem that sold us our e-bikes and we carried all of our stuff in our paniers.

This site describes those past adventures as blog posts that were made as we traveled. Look over the maps below and the archive sections to see past trips and specific areas we visited. When we are currently on a trip you can follow the posts we make as we are traveling by using the Current link in the Date Archive.

Please bear with us as we add the posts for each of the trips. At the rate we are going it should only take us another year.