Cycling the beautiful Mosel River


Lubeck II - more photos of this historic and photogenic city

Submitted by mag on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 02:09

Once inside the main city gate (the Holsten Tor) there is much to explore around Lubeck - with plenty of bike trails and parks surrounding it.  The fascinating Schiffergesellschaft (seamans guild) is both a museum and restaurant. We planned to have a late lunch there but found a more enticing spot on the river.  Lubeck is a small roundish island with the remains of the defensive walls and battlements still much in evidence - in addition to  the iconic Holsten Tor on the west, the north Bergtor (Castle Gate) is still prominent.  

After a long day  of exploring we enjoyed a well-earned beer and late lunch at the Cafe and Bar Celona on the river just north of the Berg Tor.

Our apartment in easy cycling distance to Holsten Tor was typically German.... long on functionality (Wow! An almost full size fridge with actual freezer!) and short of style but very comfy for 2 nights and off-street parking.  Very friendly family compound.