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Lost in the Starry Night

Submitted by mag on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 15:52

Imagine stepping into and totally immersing yourself in the world of Van Gogh.  La Nuit Etoilee Carrieres de Lumieres was just that. 

While staying in Les Saints Maries de la Mere we took a side trip to Les Baux...   a medieval village and fortified castle perched on a steep mountain north of Arles.  We had been there before in 1981 and were looking forward to seeing it again, and it was indeed impressive. But it turned out the highlight of the entire excursion was not Les Baux itself but rather an incredible "immersion extraordinare dans L'art et las musique".  The castle and village were constructed of stone cut from the mountain, leaving a vast hollow mountain labyrinth with massive vertical walls.  In this amazing cool dark space (it was 105 degrees outside) they have a created a lightshow production set to music. 

Van Gogh's images were everywhere bouncing from walls to floor to ceiling and all set in perfect time to perfect music ranging form Janis Joplin to the Animals to opera and classical symphonies.  It was a totally unforgettable experience.  I captured movie snips with sound that I will add later when I have more computing power but I hope these images will somehow convey a little of the power of this dramatic production. It will be playing until January 2020 so if anyone has the opportunity to visit Les Baux it is definitely worth a journey.